7 pieces of advice from Dolly Jones, Condé Nast Digital Strategy Director

Dolly Jones

A week ago, last Thursday evening I had a fantastic opportunity to hear Dolly Jones, the newly appointed Digital Strategy Director at Condé Nast Digital, speak about her career. After Dolly’s talk, Niki Mossman from Colour Me Beautiful image consultancy did a session asking ‘Can what you wear make a difference in business’, which I’ve also blogged about here. Continue reading “7 pieces of advice from Dolly Jones, Condé Nast Digital Strategy Director”


Detox in Devon – time to think

Last week I was down in Devon with my parents – I’ve definitely passed the stage of going away with your parents being uncool and boring and I now see it for what it is – a free holiday. Winning.

We were in North Devon which is a beautiful, rugged part of the English coast. I find being by the sea really therapeutic and I’m able to think a lot more than when I’m in London. In fact, I thought so much in Devon that I decided to restart blogging again. I go in and out of phases of blogging, and don’t like to make it a chore, so some downtime seemed like the perfect boost to my content.

It’s so easy these days to distract ourselves with gadgets, social media, TV and clutter our minds instead of giving ourselves space to think and just letting our thoughts wander. Continue reading “Detox in Devon – time to think”

Healthy and delicious chocolate milkshake in less than 5 minutes

I thought I’d just share this quick and easy recipe because it’s just that: super easy and simple to make! I’m trying hard to cut refined sugar out of my diet so I’m a big fan of health bloggers such as Honestly Healthy and Deliciously Ella. This recipe is an adaptation of Ella’s Cacao, Banana and Avocado smoothie. It’s great if you’re in a rush for breakfast as you could pour into a bottle and take it with you, alternatively it’s a delicious snack at any time as the avocado packs it with protein to keep you going. 

To make 1 large glass (around 250ml)

1 large avocado
1 ripe banana
About 150ml of milk or nut milk
A tablespoon of almond butter
A dessertspoon of cacao powder
A tablespoon of date syrup

Simply place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. The milkshake should be really thick and creamy – you may want to add more milk if you like it runnier. If it’s too bitter then add a dash more date syrup to taste. Enjoy!