Reflecting on my life and career journey so far

It’s currently mid-2018 as I write this, and I feel that I’m at a bit of an inflection point – in my life and my career. For the past 5 years I’ve worked as a management consultant, specifically in customer experience. I’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes better connect with their customers. It’s fast-paced, intense job in which I’ve made some of the best friends I have, learnt a tremendous amount and had so much fun along the way!

However, I’ve always felt a disconnect (whether I’ve realised it or not!) between what I do for a living, and what my passions and interests are. So, to help you all get to know me a bit more, I wanted to document some of the stages of my life and career so far and explain the ups, downs and meanders along the way…

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Launching Em’s Scrapbook Instagram

Cooking has been a passion of mine since a really young age. Growing up I used to love watching my parents cook and baking was a regular weekend activity. Now, I find it a great way to wind down after a busy way and find it’s one of my favourite ways to spend time. Food brings people together and there’s something really satisfying about cooking something tasty and delicious to end the day.

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Stylist Life Lessons: an evening with Miriam Gonázlez Durántez, Nicola Mendelsohn and Charlie Webster

Stylist Life Lessons: an evening with Miriam Gonázlez Durántez, Nicola Mendelsohn and Charlie Webster

A few weeks ago I went to Stylist magazine’s ‘Life Lessons’ event at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. The speakers that evening were Miriam Gonázlez Durántez, campaigner for Inspiring Women, international trade lawyer and wife of the Deputy Prime Minister; Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of Facebook EMEA and previous CEO of Karmarama; and Charlie Webster, sports and television presenter, and campaigner for sexual abuse in sport.

The venue for the evening: London’s fancy Ham Yard Hotel
Each speaker was given 15 minutes to share their one ‘life lesson’ and then there was a Q&A session. I thought it would be nice to share some of the really valuable advice these 3 women gave us, and of course, some photos as well!

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7 pieces of advice from Dolly Jones, Condé Nast Digital Strategy Director

Dolly Jones

A week ago, last Thursday evening I had a fantastic opportunity to hear Dolly Jones, the newly appointed Digital Strategy Director at Condé Nast Digital, speak about her career. After Dolly’s talk, Niki Mossman from Colour Me Beautiful image consultancy did a session asking ‘Can what you wear make a difference in business’, which I’ve also blogged about here. Continue reading “7 pieces of advice from Dolly Jones, Condé Nast Digital Strategy Director”

Detox in Devon – time to think

Last week I was down in Devon with my parents – I’ve definitely passed the stage of going away with your parents being uncool and boring and I now see it for what it is – a free holiday. Winning.

We were in North Devon which is a beautiful, rugged part of the English coast. I find being by the sea really therapeutic and I’m able to think a lot more than when I’m in London. In fact, I thought so much in Devon that I decided to restart blogging again. I go in and out of phases of blogging, and don’t like to make it a chore, so some downtime seemed like the perfect boost to my content.

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