Launching Em’s Scrapbook Instagram

Cooking has been a passion of mine since a really young age. Growing up I used to love watching my parents cook and baking was a regular weekend activity. Now, I find it a great way to wind down after a busy way and find it’s one of my favourite ways to spend time. Food brings people together and there’s something really satisfying about cooking something tasty and delicious to end the day.

Since January we’ve been slowly turning more plant-based in our diet. It started with just trying to eat a lot more veggies in January  after an indulgent Christmas but we’ve continued since then and now most of our evening meals are veggie or vegan.

But, being relatively new to meat-free eating, our repertoire of go-to weeknight meals needs constant replenishing! We’ve been using recipes from some favourite cookbooks such as The Food Medic and Deliciously Ella but sometimes it’s hard to work out what to cook that’s quick and delicious after a long and busy day at work!

So, I decided to launch an Instagram for Em’s Scrapbook as a reminder of all the yummy dishes we make for healthy veggie midweek meals, and so that when I’m not there, my boyfriend knows exactly how to make them!

Brunch French Toast
Roast Butternut & Broad Bean Curry


Cashew & Veggie Tahini Stir Fry



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