Review: Honestly Healthy Supper Club

Last night my friend Maria and I went to the Honestly Healthy Supper Club at Beach Blanket Bar in Notting Hill. To those who are unfamiliar, Honestly Healthy is a lifestyle brand created by Natasha Corrett. She hosts supper clubs where blond-highlighted, yoga-pant wearing women come to sup on healthy cocktails and sample vegan food. And I’m all for embracing this new culture of healthy living sweeping the nation! I really enjoyed the event last night…but there were some things that could have been improved. If you’re thinking of going to one of these events hopefully this will make your mind up!

The venue

Amazing! I’m not that familiar with Notting Hill but a few friends said they’d been to this bar and said it was beautiful. The Beach Blanket Babylon did not disappoint.

Welcome drink

Included in the £45 ticket was a cocktail. Just one. You could choose from a rhubarb gin affair or an apple and celery martini. We went for the rhubarb and after the initial taste bud shock that it wasn’t packed choc full of sugar like normal cocktails, it was pretty delicious. Thumbs up.
Kicking off with a Rhubarb Collins


Obligatory #healthyselfie


After we’d finally had our order taken and listened to one of the Honestly Healthy hosts (Natasha wasn’t actually there…a Supper Club without the host we’d all paid to see!) tell us how amazing the food was going to be, our starters arrived. We’d chose the Carrot and lime Soup and certainly weren’t disappointed. The lime was a delicious tangy after taste and the turmeLic and carrot were so warming. And cleansing. Everything was very cleansing we were told.
Carrot and Lime Soup mmmmm

Main course

5 spoonfuls later we’d polished off the soup and were ready for the main. No table snacks to keep us going in between courses, just lots and lots of cucumber water which was really yummy actually. Definitely one I’m going to try to remember to make at home. Stuffing a big water bottle with some cucumber, mint, citrus fruit is a great way to keep hydrated.
For main course, we’d ordered the Cauliflower and Coconut Tart. I’ve posted the picture of the recipe in the cookbook for a comparison. This was probably our least favourite course. The murmur from everyone round the table was that a) it was too sweet and b) was that the portion size?! I completely agreed, it had a funny sugary taste and if I’d been served it for dessert I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. It sort of felt like it had been cooked a few days earlier as well and then left on the side. A bit disappointing really.
What we were served…
…and what’s it’s meant to look like!


After the main, we were still pretty hungry but luckily pudding saved the day!! On recommendation from the waitress we ordered the Raw Avocado Super-Cake and it was heavenly. The base was brazil nuts and dates and the topping was like cheesecake but without any of the unhealthy stuff – just avocados, lime, coconut oil and agave syrup. Beautiful. And because it was packed full of avocado protein and fat it finally filled us up! It was so good, seriously, and I would recommend it to anyone.
The best course of the evening (and that’s lemon zest, not parmesan btw)

All in all…

Freebies: coconut oil, face masks,
Rude Health bar and recipes
A fun evening, it was nice to try some new dishes, get some freebies and hang out with other healthy living lovers. But… not very much for the money really. I would have liked some more information on the menu about the ingredients and all the goodness that my body would benefit from me spending money on. Also, bigger portion sizes! The message I got from the event was that even if you are eating the most nutritious, nourishing alkaline food ever, you still have to half starve yourself to stay healthy. Not the message I’m sure they wanted to put across and certainly not one I will be following… However that avocado cake was blooming lovely so it wasn’t all bad! If you are into the healthy living lifestyle or a complete sceptic and don’t believe that vegan food can be tasty then I would give it a try, just make sure you have a snack before!
Next, I think Maria and I are going to try a Deliciously Ella Supper Club…and will be sure to blog about how it compares 🙂

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