Detox in Devon – time to think

Last week I was down in Devon with my parents – I’ve definitely passed the stage of going away with your parents being uncool and boring and I now see it for what it is – a free holiday. Winning.

We were in North Devon which is a beautiful, rugged part of the English coast. I find being by the sea really therapeutic and I’m able to think a lot more than when I’m in London. In fact, I thought so much in Devon that I decided to restart blogging again. I go in and out of phases of blogging, and don’t like to make it a chore, so some downtime seemed like the perfect boost to my content.

It’s so easy these days to distract ourselves with gadgets, social media, TV and clutter our minds instead of giving ourselves space to think and just letting our thoughts wander. That’s exactly what I tried to do in Devon, so hopefully the photos below inspire you to get some space in your minds. Even if you can’t get out of the city, just going for a walk around a local park with no music, phone or distractions will do you the world of good and costs nothing!

A long walk across Exmoor – no phone signal so it was back to basics with an OS map. Also came across this beauty.


The view across Exmoor, and the dog of course.


Arty photo of sign.


Woolacombe beach + solo surfer.



Fresh, sea air is the best for clearing the mind
and gaining some perspective on anything that is bothering you.

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